Reuben Gibson


Reuben received a BA in French from Ithaca College and studied Spanish at Stanford University. He began his career in technology in 2007, working at SRI (Stanford Research Institute) International.

After growing the Bay Area market for a mobile payments company acquired by Grubhub, Reuben went on to work for Radius Intelligence. There he was an individual contributor, helping to moving them from $300k in revenue to $2M a year and thereby creating a valuation of $600M before their successful acquisition. Reuben is currently responsible for new growth at Cobaltix and loves helping the Bay Area’s most forward thinking companies to leverage their technology as a strategic asset.

Reuben lives in Berkeley, where he founded Gibson Art Projects (Berkeley’s Historic Salon for the Arts) in 2017. He enjoys playing sports, being active outside and has a deep love for the arts. Reuben is an angel investor and advisor to Kinetic Eye. He volunteers his time and money to the Life Learning Academy Charter High School and saves and restores important Bay Area art.