How we work

Photo of a team meeting in the office

We work hard at Cobaltix. We love our work, and we love our peers. The technology we work with challenges us to learn every day. Even better, when we overcome a tough problem by coming up with an elegant and simple solution (which we do often), not only do other engineers get it, but our clients get it, and appreciate us for it.

We like our clients because they are smart and get why we work the way we do. We know that every single engineer on our team individually earns us the collective respect and reputation that we have as Cobaltix.

Please let us know if there is someone you know who should work here!

Tailored Training

Sometimes we drink from the fire hose. There's no free lunch when it comes to learning new technologies. Other people can’t learn it for you, so we provide the latest targeted training and incredible mentoring. Quite simply - this isn’t the place for you if your goal is to be a seat-filler. All our people have annual training goals and the company continually invests in their personal and professional development. It's our responsibility to be successful and we will expect that from everyone here.

Unique Perks

The back massages at meetings are a bonus, and the free Amazon Prime is just something nice to have--something that shows that the company listens and values us. The $1,600 tech stipend makes it so that no one ever has to ask for a book or a gadget; the company just assumes you deserve it. Apart from these perks, our popular bonus program really rewards great people and we also offer: Orthodontia, Lasik, Wellness Benefits, Pet Insurance Discounts, Commuter Benefits, Dry Cleaning. We annually poll our employees about the perks that are of interest to our team members.

Team Outings

Even the annual houseboat trip, Pismo trip, bowling, rafting, BBQ, dinners and other outings are just icing on the cake. Our annual weekend ski trip? LEGENDARY! There are lots of corporate jobs that have great benefits (and our pay and benefits are definitely excellent), but we respect and like our people. We find most employees are also our friends and we enjoy spending time together. This is a fun place to work and grow.

Photo of a team meeting in the office

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