Raza Micic

General Manager

With a law degree in hand, Raza packed up and left Bosnia just as war was breaking out. After living in Switzerland for a time, she made her way to the US. Here, as a well-educated, multilingual professional, Raza needed to start from scratch.

In a short time, she moved up to the role of managing both people and accounts. In 2003 Raza became the first part-time employee at the company that would become Cobaltix, managing the books, the office, and really everyone who would eventually be hired. In 2017 Raza took over as the General Manager at Cobaltix, overseeing all employees and HR. Everyone knows Raza to be caring, fair, conscientious, and someone who is always looking out for you. She is the best manager Cobaltix has ever had.

Raza lives in Berkeley with her husband and college-aged son. She loves hiking in the Berkeley Hills, skiing, cooking, and in her words,“fermenting everything.”