From startup to IPO

We once brought on a small client that made protein bars for athletes. This company showed a lot of promise. They were consistently growing, had incredible management, were hitting a market need at exactly the right time; you could just see that they were going places. A few years later, they were acquired.

Normally when one of our clients is bought, we expect that the purchasing company’s technology team will be taking over in 6-12 months. Contrary to our hypothesis, the new umbrella company, in a detailed and diligent move, saw how seamlessly the incumbent technology was working at their prized acquisition and decided to keep us in place. In fact, about 18 months later, the parent company asked us if we could do better than their existing provider. We crunched some numbers and found that, not only could we beat IBM Global Services, but we could provide way better service for far less money.

That little acquired company we were working with so many years ago went public on the New York Stock Exchange. As they continue to grow, we'll be right there with them, providing them with the incredible white glove service and business technology advice we provide to all of our clients.

What this story means to us is that by offering great service and staying true to our philosophy of working for great clients, fantastic goals can be achieved on both sides. We can’t promise that you’ll go public with us, but we can promise you that we will help you turn your technology into an asset that propels you where you want to go.