Breaking barriers & moving to the cloud

When our longtime leading financial services industry client began using a third party MSP to handle their company’s IT infrastructure, it didn’t take long for things to go south. As time went by, response times exploded, control was lost, costs skyrocketed, and important projects became impossible to complete. Tasks that would normally take twenty minutes were taking two weeks.

When Cobaltix was called upon to help, our research revealed that a devastating and seemingly complex problem could be easily solved by innovative cloud infrastructure. We discovered that our client’s financial applications could be hosted in the cloud, rather than being hosted and effectively held hostage by the incumbent MSP. By migrating the client to Microsoft Azure Cloud, they achieved autonomy and control, response times were drastically shorted, and costs rapidly reduced.

The client now feels safely in control of their environment, infrastructure, firewall, switch, and security. They have zero on premise servers, which means they are fully cloud based and have committed to the future. They save a ton of time and frustration by being able to rapidly deploy integrations that could take weeks or months with a third party MSP. The client’s Capex costs have been eliminated, service costs reduced by 50%, and response times went from four days to under sixty minutes. The novel and futuristic migration to the cloud took place in December of 2019 and has clearly had many benefits, though an unforeseen benefit has been the client’s ability to move seamlessly to remote work/support during the COVID-19 pandemic, saving time, frustration, and perhaps lives.