World class, 24/7 customer service with a guaranteed one-hour response time. We have full remote support capabilities and monitor our clients 24/7. We want to know about issues before you do. We use best-of-breed products for security, malware protection and backups. We monitor our clients 24/7-we want to know about issues before you do.

Clients who use us for eight or more hours per month receive 24/7/365 emergency support (for critical network down or systems emergencies). Even in the middle of the night, if you call, we will fix what is broken. All of our consultants are Cobaltix employees. We do not outsource projects or support issues to a third party.

We always prefer to be onsite examining the problem with you. In those cases where urgent help is needed, or where after hours support is necessary but no one is at the office, we can quickly analyze the issue with our full remote support capababilitites. We solve the majority of issues remotely in many situations. With Cobaltix you won't be waiting days to get support.