For anyone with young children in the Bay Area, The Bay Area Discovery Museum needs no introduction. It is a leader in the development of very young brains in the Bay Area, and is known throughout the world by child development specialists. The "exhibits" are fun and challenging for kids, and encourage them to develop both their cognitive and motor skills in unique and interesting ways. (LINK TO BADM page). When their IT person was no longer able to handle their technology, they put the word out. Two Cobaltix clients are board members there, and each individually recommended Cobaltix to take over- and they weren't the only ones.

After an initial visit, we determined that the museum would require 5x more IT than they currently had budget for to "do it right." It was amusing- the museum initially thought we were "too expensive." They had no idea that we were planning on donating the time necessary to make everything work. In the last 2 years, Cobaltix has donated a quarter million dollars in services. In addition, we have helped get hardware donated and/or for a fraction of the real cost. Their technology and the work they are doing for the kids has greatly benefitted as a result of the work we have done there. As we continue working with the Museum, we see them doing better and better things for kids.